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pr9blems calculator eliquid ejuice problems

EJuice ELiquid Calculator Problems
On my Samsung Galaxy TabS 8.4 there are fields that don't let you to enter a value of 100 without it dropping the trailing "0" to the next line, making the format look all funky. Other than that it seems to work great. I wasn't sure where to post this.
Its all good. I am not sure if all the areas that this happens and the devices. Thanks for the post.
Thanks. I just fired the calculator up today twice and it crashes when I hit the caculate button. I submitted a bug report to google.
Really wanting to get this app working. I uninstalled and reinstalled after cleang data. It is still crashing when I hit calculate.
I deleted s folder called ejuice off my tablet after uninstalling the software. Reinstalled and it it working great.
I just updated and now all my freakin' recipes are gone. Make sure to export your database is what I learned lol.
Thanks for sending the report to goole. That wll give the line of code that has caused the problem.

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