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home made dr pepper

Home Made Dr. Pepper
This has been The Closest I've come to mixing a great Dr. Pepper flavor and there is almost no information on the internet I came across that helps perfect it, a lot of these were trial by taste:

Plum PG Flavor Concentrate (TFA) 11%
Cola Flavor Concentrate (TFA) 4%
Black Cherry Flavor (TFA) 1%
Strawberry Flavor Concentrate (TFA) 1%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Flavor (TFA) 1%
Cinnamon Spice Flavor (TFA) 1%
Blueberry Extra TFA Flavor 1%
Pomegranate Deluxe Flavor Concentrate (TFA) 0.5%
Champagne Flavor Concentrate (LA) 1%
Grape Flavor Concentrate (LA) 1%

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