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Claim Your Throne
8% Butterscotch
6% Sweet Cream
4% Vanilla Custard
3% Brown Sugar

Alternative :
8% Butterscotch
10% Bavarian Cream
4% Vanialla Thahiti
3% Brown Sugar
1% Banana Nut Bread
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Your first Recipe
Now that you are set up, lets start your first recipe.

Open the Ejuice Calculator. The main screen is for mixing your own juice.
On the upper right hand side. You will see the "Settings" for your base ejucie. Verify that this is correct for what you are mixing with.
The cursor defaults to the Ejuice Name. Give it a name. But it is not required.
Next, enter the Quantity you would like to make by touching the empty space. ,This is in milliters. For instance, 30 ml bottle.
Next to that is th