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Hello Everyone! I just wanted to say it has been a few months since I have been able to get a bottle of Tribeca. After the first inhale, I realized what I had been missing. I have been vaping awhile and tried many e-liquids. Tribeca is still on top of my list.
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Halo Tribeca
My first attempt at this was just using RY4 but it was not close enough. I see many clone recipes on the net and have tried them all. So here is my version.

10% Double RY4 (EE)
5% Graham Cracker (CAP)
4% Brown Sugar Extra (EE)
2% Coco (FA)
1.5% Toasted Almond (EE)
1% Vape Wizard (FA)

Steep for 5 min under hot tap water. Shake let cool to room temp and shake again. Steep for 2 days.