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Master List of Suppliers Abbreviations
[color=#141414]AL - Atmos Lab
AV/BM – Azure Vaping/BlueMist (same company)
CAP – Capella
CT – Chinese Tobacco
DV – Decadent Vapours
DSV – Dark Side Vapor
ECX – ecigExpress (uses TPA/TFA for signature line)
EE - ecigExpress
EGFD – Ella’s Gournet Flavor Drops (highly concentrated Capella)
ESS - Essence Flavor Concentrates 
FA – Flavour Art (concentrated or condensed depending on supplier, check ingredients for specifics)
FE – Fruit Express (ecigexpress)
FF – Flavor Fog
GF - German Fla
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Suppliers List
 Links to Flavors for DIY E-Liquid

Perfumer’s Apprentice Dealers Flavour Art Dealers
  • [url=http://www.ecigexpress.com/flavoring-flavourart-condensed-c