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Beetle Juice
7% Strawberry
4% Watermelon 
5% Pineapple 
4% Mango

Steep in hot tap water for about 5 min. And vape away.

For drippers use a 20PG 80 VG final blend and increase by 1% on all flavors.

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Halo's Freedom Juice
3% Cowboy Blend (FA) 
4% Vannila (EE)

3% Cocoa (FA)
1% Vape Wizard (EE)
Try subsittuting Virgina for Cowboy for a sweeter smoother taste. Steep this for 5 min under hot tap water and shake like hell!
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Space Jam E-Liquid
i love Space jam E-liquid are you love it ?
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I Love Taffy E-Liquid
mad hatter lunch a new flavor  I Love Taffy such a nice flavor  i reomend to all friend to test it