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Ejuice Calculator Final Nic Levels are 0
Why does the final nicotine levels show "0" when everything looks ok?

Well, there could be a couple of reasons for this.

1. Did you set the base nicotine levels?
2. Did you set a flavoring percentage?

The calculator takes both of the inputs to calculate the final ejuice mix.
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Suppliers List
 Links to Flavors for DIY E-Liquid

Perfumer’s Apprentice Dealers Flavour Art Dealers
  • [url=http://www.ecigexpress.com/flavoring-flavourart-condensed-c
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EJuice Calculator for Android
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Setting Up the Ejuice Calculator
Using the Ejuice Calculator for the first time, you will need to set up some constants.

The Base Ejuice Nicotine Strength,
The PG and VG ratio of the Base and,
The number of drops per ml.

Start by opening the Ejuice Calculator,
Tap the upper left hand side of the calculator to slide the menu open.
Select "Settings"
Select "Nicotine Base"

Drops Per ml - This is the number of drops per milliliter that your dropper produces to equal a milliliter. Don't worry if you do not know, just p
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EJuice ELiquid Calculator Problems
On my Samsung Galaxy TabS 8.4 there are fields that don't let you to enter a value of 100 without it dropping the trailing "0" to the next line, making the format look all funky. Other than that it seems to work great. I wasn't sure where to post this.