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Gummy Bears
Really close to the real thing!

2.5% Raspberry (FA)
2.5% Orange (TW)
2.5% Bubble Gum (TW)
2.5% Maple Syrup (EE)

Steep in hot tap water for 5 min.
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Candy Cane
I have never tasted anything so spot on as the candy cane from Flavor West. A little goes a long way. I would recommend starting out at 1% and work up from there. At 15% it just burns the atty.
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Candy Corn
I loved these as a kid. Looked for them at Halloween! I wonder how they actually got the candy corn in the bottle.  Big Grin
But seriously, This is a really good flavoring from them. I use it with Buttered Pop Corn from Cappellas with a little Caramel to boot. Yummy.