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  • Adjustable Nicotine Base
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  • Steeping Timer
  • 268 Preloaded Popular Flavors



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Large lists of Recipes and Flavors managed easily.

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Includes 268 Flavors

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the highest Nicotine Level I can use?

The Ejuice Calculator has been tested with 100 mg/ml. When the calculator was built, 100 was the highest available.

If I mess up, is there a reset button to start over?

Absolutely!, I start a recipe and then decide that I was going in the wrong direction. Just tap the button on upper right side of the Main Calculator to reset all the input fields.

I don't use any nicotine in my Ejuice. Can I still use this calculator?

Certainly. On the main calculator in the upper righ corner just below the New Recipe button, there is a checkbox. Select the box and the calculator will be in Nicotine Free mode.

I like to mix my Store bought Ejuice. Can this calculator handle this?

Definitely. Use the Pre-Mixed calculator from the side navigation menu. You can mix up to 4 store bought ejuices.

The flavors list looks awesome! What fields are included.

Great question! The flavor name, where you bought it, the base it is in (pg, vg, water or alcohol etc.) and any notes you would like to add.

I make a lot of notes for my Ejuice Recipes, is there a notes field?

Yes. When you have calculated the Recipe, tap in the notes field or choose the three dots on the upper left side and choose Add/Edit Notes.

If I have a problem, how do I get technical support?

I have provided a Feedback/Bug report feature in the app. You can send me a message from there. Or you can use the Contact form at the bottom of this website. Generally, I respond that day and depending on the issue, a couple of days to fix the issue.

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Story behind the app

4 years ago I got started in mixing my own ejuices. But was not quite happy with the ones available. Mostly because there was not enough options and I didn't feel like I had control of my Recipes. The biggest complaint was that I could not set my base nicotine levels and the flavors from the other calculators assumed that all my flavors where PG based. So I took my hobby of building Android Applications to the next level.

I started mixing my Ejuices and my friends asked for a copy of the application. They loved it! So today, the calculator has grown from just a personal project and tool to a Google Play store Application that is gaining popularity daily.

Berlon Burch


What people are saying

I love this app. It has all you need.

Christine Bristol, UK

Easiest app on the Play Store. Quick support!

Joseph Dallas, Texas

Well worth the money! I would pay twice for this app.

Mike Chan Hongkong, China

Since that last update, and 7 flavors added, this app Rocks!

Annie Lee San Diego, California

Best calculator on the market! Dev cares about the experience and usefullness of the app. It really shows in the support and the layout.

Gordon Massee Tampa, Florida

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